In 2020, Take Flight was officially trademarked as a course supporting the business building efforts of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others in the financial services industry. Jim Miller, over the course of 15 years and 15,000 hours of research and personal development, created, editorialized, and updated the content. Throughout 2023, Jim has used his popular podcast "Ask Jim Miller," as a platform to teach the course to the masses. Below are some of the most impactful and popular episodes that best represent the basic principles of what it takes to build and run a successful business.

On this episode on my MMPT, I will start a series of calls that will take you through the most updated content of Take Flight, a course I've been teaching and coaching at Jameson Sotheby's International Realty for over 11 years which has been through multiple iterations. Today, I starting rolling out the 4th version (Take Flight 4.0). My goal has always been to take what I've discovered building and running my own businesses and what I've witnessed other using successfully to build their businesses. I will not teach anything that hasn't been proven to be successful in one form or another. Take Flight is not meant to replace any other training program. I created over the years to be the basic operating system that all other programs can "plug into". If you've listened to my MMPT's or been within my brokerage, some of this content will be familiar but it will updated. If so, you'll either be able to validate what is working for you or you can use these episodes as a reminder to take action.

In this 2nd module of Take Flight V4.0, I will follow up last week's call where I defined TAKE FLIGHT as your basic operating system and today will take you through the 5 Sections of Your Business. For a business to fly at 30,000 feet (flow), all 5 of these sections need to be built for success and operating together in sync. During our time together during "Take Flight V4.0”, I will compare these 5 sections of a consumer based business to 5 different sections of a commercial aircraft. They are:
Section 1: Mindset, Vision, Goals, Execution Strategy. Let's compare that to the Cockpit of your plane.
Section 2: Habits, Rituals, Systems and Routines. Let's use this section as the tail of your plane.
Section 3: Database and Relationship Management. This is the body of your plane that carries all of your relationships.
Section 4: Lead Generation or your 3 Rocks of Marketing. This is wing #1. This wing and its engine is key in getting your business off the ground.
Section 5: Deliver and Leverage. These are the systems and processes that create the experience during a transaction that result in introductions. This is wing/engine #2.

On this MMPT episode and Module #3 of Take Flight V4.0, I will compare CONSISTENCY in your business to FUEL for an aircraft. I'll make the point that if you do not create consistent effort in your life and business, you will not produce the needed momentum to get to 30,000 feet. It is at this point of Take Flight V4.0, that I ask for your commitment to implement the proven habits, rituals, systems and processes that I will teach in this course. Simply to be interested will result in the same reality you are experiencing today. What I will teach over the coming weeks and months, will not matter if you do not commit to the level of consistent effort to build your dream life and business.

On this 182nd episode of my MMPT, I will start a 7 week series on all things Mindset, Vision, Goals and Execution Strategy. In Take Flight V4.0, we refer to this as the "Cockpit" of the plane, the section of the plane that controls where you are going and how fast. You do not have a successful life and business, as you define it, unless you understand what I will discuss about "the mind" on this call. I think you'll understand by the end of it that this topic is not up for discussion or that you can simply decide to opt out. "Quantum Physics" is essentially the study of how energy moves its way through nature at the most fundamental level. Just like "gravity", you don't get to choose if it applies to you or not. It's nature. It's a law. This episode will be different from my normal style. I will take you through concepts that you need to know, first and foremost, as a human being. Further on in Take Flight V4.0, we'll talk more specifically about habits and rituals you can use to implement today's content.

On this 185th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will discuss the planning and action steps needed to make your "destination" a reality. If you commit to the planning process I am teaching today, it's not a matter of "if but when" you reach your 3YV (3 Year Vision). I'll cover the "periodization", the process of breaking goals down into smaller chunks, outlined in the book "The 12 Week Year" written by Brian Moran, the book that has become my goal attainment operations manual.

On this 187th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will review the highlights of the first section of Take Flight V4.0: The Cockpit. The cockpit is where your mindset, your vision and your life and business planning resides. Over the last 5 MMPT's, we've gone deep into these topics. Each week, I introduced one or multiple GUIDING PRINCIPLES into the conversation. Guiding Principles" are defined by the BUSINESS DICTIONARY as any principles or precepts that guide an organization or business owner throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work. (If "Guiding Principles" is too serious of a phrase, you can also look at they as your "Guard Rails" that "keep the wheels on the road" ). Over this episode, I will do a quick review of the past 5 episodes that covered topics designed to help you better understand "The Cockpit". Each episode review will point out the GUIDING PRINCIPLES discussed on that call.

On this 188th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will continue Take Flight V4.0 by starting the modules in Section 2 of this training program. 2 weeks ago, we wrapped up the modules that covered the areas like "The Mind", "Mindset", "Elimination", "Creating Your 3 Vision", "Developing a Planning Strategy" and "Daily Review of Your Vision". We referred to this as the "Cockpit" of your aircraft. In Section 2, we'll talk about areas that make up the "Tail". The tail of the aircraft provides that stability and lift needed to "Take Flight" and get to 30,000 feet. This second section of the course will take us through the majority of Q2 where you'll see tops discussed on Systems, Processes, Habits and Routines used by ELP's and super achievers to create businesses and lives that are predictable and enjoyable. They will help you stabilize your business so you can see the consistent growth in your business that you desire and take away the emotional peaks and valleys the 97% see regularly.

On this 192nd episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, we continue with our journey through Take Flight V4.0 and hit on an incredibly important topic: the power of the multiplication of your time. Super achievers and ELPs deeply understand the value of time and know that one of the best ways to improve time efficiency is to build processes for tasks that are done over and over in your business. As real estate brokers/advisors, the steps in a transaction are relatively the same (depending on your market) and differ slightly based on the property and your client.

On this 194th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will do a high level review of "The Tail" of the Take Flight V4.0 set of episodes that I started 7 weeks ago. Systems, Processes, Habits and Routines are the tools that leverage the time and create sanity for anyone, in any industry to grow a business and live a centered life. In the end, that is what I've witnessed as being the goal for 95% of the brokers/advisors I've worked with over the years. I can only remember 1 person who told me that they literally would put their business first over having a life. Here, I will take you through the 7 stages I've witnessed ELPs and super achievers go through to turn chaos into opportunity.

On this 195th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will continue with Take Flight V4.0 by transitioning into the 3rd of 5 sections of the program. We'll transition from "The Cockpit" (Mindset )and "The Tail" (Systems, Processes, Habits and Routines) into the "The Cabin" (Database and Relationship Management) where we will spend the remainder of the summer spanning 12 episodes. I want to make this transition by demonstrating that you need to truly understand "the math" in order to most effectively execute your business. I've always been drawn to the quantitative side of the business because "The Numbers Don't Lie". If you "control the math", you control your level of success.

On this 197th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, we'll dive deeper into the building out your CRM (database). On last week's episode, "Yes, you need a CRM!", we made the case that for you to run a business, a CRM is a non-negotiable. Here, I will take you through the steps on how to professionally build and optimize it. Let me just first say that just because you may have 1000's of names on an email list means doesn't mean you have a CRM. A large list has little to do in the overall success of your business. It's a starting point but have 1000's of people on a list with few quality relationships is not going to get you to your goals/vision. There are several steps you'll need to take to do the basic filtering method. That's what we'll discuss on this episode.

On this Episode #199 of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I'm discussing the business plan that proved to me that the relationship based business model is time tested, will never go out style, ages beautifully and is the most cost effective approach to building, not just a predictable and enjoyable real estate brokerage business, but any kind of business. This business strategy is foundational and at the core of Take Flight. I will tell you the story of how I personally discovered it on this episode.

On the 201st episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I'll take you through the steps of creating a Top 100 "nurture" campaign that will help you maintain momentum with your top clients throughout the year. There is many different ways that an nurture campaign can be created including through your CRM like Cloze, Follow Up Boss or Salesforce. If that is the case, you can use today's call as a guide to set up the internal programming and tasking needed to execute what I feel is an example of a thoughtful approach. You can also schedule your follow up tasks and reminders through your Microsoft Outlook or Google Suite or if you are more analog, a spreadsheet can be used as well. The key is that you maintain a constant drumbeat of activity with your clients throughout the year. We'll explore different ideas and strategies on today's episode.

On this 202nd episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I'll make a final attempt during this segment of Take Flight V4.0 to challenge you to take a hard look at your business and ask yourself: "Is my business predictable and enjoyable?" I've been in this business for 25 years and have studied it, lived it from every angle and I've concluded that it comes down to one question: Do you want to build your business that focuses relationships (your lists) primarily or will you be transactional in your mindset primarily focused moving properties. Over the course of this episode, I will cover the things I considered when I made the decision to go all in on the relationship game after the transactional model failed me in a big way. This episode could easily have been included at the beginning of the segment ("The Cabin") of Take Flight V4.0 but I think it's important at this stage to help you sift through that factors that need to be considered before you go all in on a business model type.

On this 203rd episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I'll cover a topic that is not talked about enough in the world of real estate brokerage and really doesn't fit specifically into one section of Take Flight. Because of that, I am going to discuss the seasonality of your business and how best to navigate it. We know that farmers plant in the spring and harvest in the fall all this while businesses have planting and harvesting seasons as well. Your real estate brokerage business has seasons and it differs by each market with some overall national similarities. The weather, local economies, travel and tourism and seasonal resident migration are all reasons that drive the seasonality of different hyper local markets. For your own mental well being, proper business planning and expectation setting for your family/friends and clients, will need to be present in your business and life for you to fully embrace and navigate the seasonality of your business. My hope is that you embrace it not disregard it. On this episode, I'll give you 7 areas of your life and business that should be considered for you to stay on track throughout the year.

On today's 204th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will officially complete the first 3 sections of Take Flight ("The Cockpit", "The Tail" and "The Cabin") before win continue on building your aircraft (your business) by adding the wings (lead generation and systems/processes). The goals continues to be building a business that will fly at 30,000 feet. I've pushed a lot of ideas, concepts and information your way and it will take months/years to implement. Today, I will do a quick review of some of the areas we've discussed through the first 24 episodes of Take Flight V4.0 and I plan to challenge you with a set of questions I'll be asking you throughout this episode. I want you to do an audit on where you are right now. By doing this, it will help you identify "the low hanging fruit" that you can focus on during your upcoming quarterly initiatives. High performance is a choice. Now that you know the "how", if you are not changing, you are choosing.

On this 206th Episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will jump back into Take Flight V4.0 and begin Section 4 that will be "Wing 1" on your aircraft (business) that will power your business to 30,000 feet. Section 4 will focus on executable and proven strategies that will generate additional referrals/introductions during the buyer and listing transaction process. I will show you how you can "Deliver and Leverage" during your transactions so that you that you can predictably turn one client transaction into 3. When I talk about "Deliver and Leverage", I'm describing the concept of delivering a high value experience during the transaction while leveraging that high value experience to create more opportunities within your business. You should expect 2 other pieces of business off a successful buyer closing or a closed listing.

On today's Episode #207 on my Monday Morning Pep Talk , I will discuss the 10 transaction stages that need to systems and processes built out and executed on to have a chance to create repeatable, remarkable experiences allowing your business to grow. We recently had Thomas Wright, CEO of Summit Sotheby's International Realty and also President of Majestic Realty Collective (a collection of SIR affiliates) in Chicago to speak to our brokers at Jameson Sotheby's International Realty and he said "Most people try to achieve things with brute force but If you want long term sustainable success, you have to have systems." He is so spot on. On this call, I'll go into a revised and complete list of transaction stages in need of systems and processes in order to build a predictable and enjoyable business. A transaction system or process is all of those steps you take from the time you get the lead (client introduction) through the few weeks after a closing (post- closing processes).

On this 209th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will wrap up Section 4 of Take Flight V4.0 by discussing the importance of setting proper expectations up front with your clients to ensure successful transactions within your business. The goal of Section 4: Deliver and Leverage is to create a remarkable experience so that all of that hard work turns into client loyalty and additional opportunities. By settings proper expectations up front, it increases your likelihood of success.