The Best

Jim Miller is the absolute best when it comes to enlightening business people to unlock their potential. He makes the path to success clear and concise for those ready and willing to commit to success. This podcast is a weekly pep rally for anyone in any business ready to achieve the unthinkable.


Get Ready To Soar!

Working with Jim completely transformed not only my business, but my life. He holds me accountable, keeps absolute elite level practices and principles in steps that are easy to apply to my business. I listen to at least 1 additional weekly podcast. Then I start over at the beginning-a “rinse

R. Lofer,

Proud and honor to listen and follow Jim Miller

Thank you Jim for your coaching and help, I always look forward to the Monday Morning call, is the best way to start the week, the motivation and energy I get from you is unbelievable, and I see it on my business!! Rosy Lofer


Catch that Flight

I was privileged to have Jim Miller as my Managing Broker. His “Take a Flight” course and his endlessly lessons of Wisdom have been an improving factor not only in my Real Estate career , but also in my personal life.


Best for your business

This podcast is my favorite to listen to on a weekly basis. It helps get me motivated for the week & keep my head on straight to stay focused. Jim does a great job of articulating the purpose of each weeks message, and what to strive for. With the quick 10-20min episodes, there’s no reason to miss an episode! 5/5 would recommend no matter where in the country you are. It’s totally applicable for all markets.

Cadey O'Leary,


Jim Miller is entirely dedicated to supporting the personal and professional growth of his agents and those he serves. He has committed himself to a path of excellence and imparts the knowledge and wisdom he has gained on his journey in digestible, pragmatic segments. A great man and leader.

Landon Heck,

Your Flight (Career & Life) Are About To Ascend!!

I am very grateful and priveleged to have Jim as Managing Broker and Coach at Jameson Sotheby's Internation Realty! Jim has not only helped me navigate the world of Real Estate but also helped me navigate and trasform my own life! Currently, in my 2nd year as a Realtor there are so many quesions and unknowns as I grow business. But, through his Take Flight Course and Monday Morning Pep Talks I have transformed career and life into something I didn't think possible. He coaches in a direct and thoughful approach that is results driven and puts you in the driver's seat (or shall I say cockpit) to navigate your future. If you have ever wanted to know how to exel in your business beyond your wildest dreams, be the best version of yourself you can be and enrich your life and others around you Jim Miller is your ticket to soar! Trust me, I never imagined what I could accomplish in just these past 2yrs!

Grateful! Thanks Jim!

Lisa R Morris,

Jim Miller coaching

I was very reluctant to work with a coach, but finally decided to give Jim a try after several elite performing and, even more importantly, happy professionals recommended him. After working with Jim listening to his pod casts and reading his blogs for several months, my business has taken off and I have been empowered to make amazing life decisions that I never would have had the courage to make before. Jim has helped me improve the quality of my life in so many ways and I value his guidance tremendously.

Yes, “Success Leaves Clues.”  I absolutely love this phrase that was first coined by Jim Rohn, a legendary, personal development thought leader.  This phrase drives me every day.   Some people love to golf, others love to try new restaurants or go to the beach.  I like those things too but I really love studying high performance and what makes elite level producers in all fields reach their pinnacles of success.  This thirst for knowledge started shortly after I had my “real estate heart attack.”  I woke up around 3:30 a.m on a 2008 February morning realizing  that because of the economic downturn,  I needed to either get out of real estate brokerage or re-invent myself.  No one was hiring so I was forced to re-invent.  Over the next 5 years, I became a voracious learner, trying new marketing ideas, developing processes, tightening up my time management routines and rituals and added a consistent database/relationship management strategy to my business.  My sales doubled 4 times in 5 years.  I started to get noticed by ownership at Jameson Sotheby’s and was asked to coach some of our agents.  They started to have success too.   Now, over a decade later,  I’m known as much for being a high performance coach as I am managing 2 high performing sales offices. I’ve also been blessed to have Sotheby’s International Realty agents from around the country reach out to me and engage me to coach them individually.  As these success stories represent below,  many agents have taken the basic fundamentals of “Take Flight” and have improved not only their business but their life.   If you feel like you could benefit from a coaching platform that produces these results,  please contact me.