Championships Are Won in the Fourth Quarter

October 2020

Embrace the end of the year for planning ahead, differentiating your brand with personal attention to clients, and building a foundation of success for the year ahead. It’s tempting and easy to slacken your pace at the end of the year, but right now is when the magic happens. Power through the fourth quarter with intention and honest self-assessment. Give yourself the benefit of authentic reflection and protecting your momentum through these final months of 2020 and into the new year. It’s your life, so LEVEL UP.

Adapting to a Shifting Market

Kevin Brown and Richard Silver are veterans of the industry and serve intense markets in New York and Toronto respectively, so they aren’t strangers to shifts in market performance. What do you do when the market slows or – worse – the bottom falls out? Listen to two experts relay what’s worked for them over decades. Spoiler alert: the keys are consistency and effort.

Top Systems, Tricks, and Habits

Julie Halter, Madison Collum, and Laura Peery have been in the business for different lengths of time and they work in different markets, but they’ve all cultivated notable success by adhering to systems and best practices with focus and consistency. Getting started in this industry or getting past a plateau requires diligent effort and a strong mindset. Listen to these three experts offer tips and tricks that have created systems for lasting success.

Dead Sexy Data

We’re living in an information era. With greater availability and transparency of data than ever before, the question is no longer how to get access to key information, but how to distill it in a meaningful way. Lauren Holleran of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty in Cambridge and Boston shares some incredible insights on how to present complex information and how it can be used to educate and influence your clients.

Unique Niche

Your personal passion should be a driver of your business success. Jeff Wilson, Friley Saucier, and Ashley Shaw share their experiences in leveraging niche markets through personal outreach and authenticity. Whether it is extending the hospitality of your home to clients to share memorable social occasions, building trusted relationships with fellow agents, or being the biggest champion of your own community, your personal passions and enthusiasm can attract business and build your reputation.

Fireside Chat with Mckinze Casey

Get an inside look at how to build your business through strategic direction. Mckinze Casey shares how she balances personal priorities with an award-winning real estate career. Highly attentive research and high impact efforts help her connect with targeted audiences and cultivate repeat clients. Her success is driven by thoughtful analysis, smart investments, and CONSISTENCY.

Goals and Planning

Document your goals to propel your success.

Success Leaves Clues

Push yourself to learn from others and to learn from your own attempts.

Consistency is Key

Ideas to improve your daily productivity.

Are You a Multiplier?

Invest time up front in order to save yourself time over the long run.

Championships Are Won In the Fourth Quarter (September 2018)

Success is driven by mental impact and intentional learning.

Take Flight Modules

Module 1: The Science Behind Success

In this module, I take you through how to best create the flight plan that you want for your business. Use your brain like the super computer it is to get you to the goals that you set for yourself.

Module 2: Time Management and Productivity

In this module, I will take you through the importance of creating productive habits and rituals into your life with the goal of creating a productive lifestyle primed for success.

Module 3: Developing Your Guiding Principles

What type of business are you going to create and run? Are you going to be transactional or are you going to run a relationship based business?

Module 4: Three Rocks of Marketing

You have to have a Lead Generation Strategy if you are going to succeed in any business especially real estate brokerage. In Module #4, we will cover how to best identify the 3 marketing strategies that will work best for you.

Module 5: Personal Branding

In the world of real estate brokerage, you have to closely manage your reputation both in the field and on line. Personal Branding must always be front of mind as you conduct your business.

Module 6: Top 15 TakeAways

Here, I cover the Top 15 TakeAways from the Take Flight course.

How to Use BatchGeo

Whether you want to illustrate all of your recent sales or show the homes that have sold above or below ask in a given area within the last year, BatchGeo can help you transform a spreadsheet of raw data into a high-impact visual. This video from Lauren Holleran gives step-by-step instructions on how to convert your numeric data into a mapped asset.

Content courtesy of:
Lauren Holleran  |  Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty
617-913-2203  |  [email protected]

How to Create Line Charts

It can be extremely valuable in communicating strategy to your clients to show seasonal patterns and long-term trends that indicate upward (or downward) movement in price, days on market, and inventory. This video from Lauren Holleran demonstrates how to use free Google tools to generate line charts that visualize your data.

Content courtesy of:
Lauren Holleran  |  Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty
617-913-2203  |  [email protected]