Take Flight – Fasten Your Seatbelts

On this 188th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will continue Take Flight V4.0 by starting the modules in Section 2 of this training program. Two weeks ago, we wrapped up the modules that covered the areas like "The Mind,” "Mindset,” "Elimination,” "Creating Your 3-Year Vision,” "Developing a Planning Strategy" and "Daily Review of Your Vision.” We referred to this as the "Cockpit" of your aircraft. In Section 2, we'll talk about areas that make up the "Tail.” The tail of the aircraft provides that stability and lift needed to "Take Flight" and get to 30,000 feet. This second section of the course will take us through the majority of Q2 where you'll see topics discussed on Systems, Processes, Habits and Routines used by ELPs and super achievers to create businesses and lives that are predictable and enjoyable. They will help you stabilize your business so you can see the consistent growth in your business that you desire and so that you can avoid the emotional peaks and valleys the 97% see regularly.

Building a business that is predictable and enjoyable takes time. It requires planning, self-development and consistent effort. (Hint: Re-listen to Episode #179 - Take Flight - Consistency is Your Fuel). As I mentioned throughout the first section of modules, none of what I will teach over the course of Section 2 will matter if you have not selected a destination (vision) and developed strategies to get there, so make sure you dive deep into the modules in Section 1 (The Cockpit) before going too far into this Section 2 (The Tail). In Section 2 (The Tail), you will get those action items that so many achievers want. They will be right in front of you every day, requiring your input and decision making.

Fasten your seatbelts. It's time to start executing on your vision.

Here are the Top 10 Systems, Processes, Habits and Routines that I see ELPs and super achievers use to get to 30,000 feet. We'll be covering all of these areas in great detail over the coming weeks:

(Make sure you listen to this week’s podcast, because I get off script and discuss each of these sections in greater detail on the audio.)

  1. Play On Offense
  2. Get 1% Each Day/Trust the Process/Tracking
  3. Model Success. (Take Flight V4.0)
  4. Create a Process, Repeat It and Improve It Over Time
  5. Create Capacity (25 transactions/25M) Manage to 50 Hours Max
  6. Collaborate/Accountability Partners/Mentors/Coaches
  7. Create Boundaries and Decision Filters
  8. Manage to PPH (Profit Per Hour)/ Avoid External Comparison
  9. Protect the Downside
  10. Self-Care/Travel/Celebrate

The first big decision you'll need to make is answering the following question honestly:

Am I committed or am I just interested?

If you are committed, you will see your business and your life improve. If you continue to be just interested, you’ll continue to experience the peaks and valleys like the rest of the 97%.

Fasten your seatbelts, because this course currently has you on the tarmac and ready to Take Flight, headed for 30,000 feet where you'll be able to pull the engines back and enjoy the FLOW that I want each of you to enjoy in your life and business every single day.