Inspect What You Expect

On this 237th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, I will challenge you to pause, review your 2024 YTD and evaluate how your business has performed for you thus far. We know that each hyper-local market has seasons and, in most markets, the summer months take on a completely different "personality.” Just as markets shift slightly, so should your focus. As we transition into a new season, it's time for you to "Inspect What You Expect.”


Before I launch into today's call, I want to remind you of my professional purpose and that is to help you, the broker/advisor, optimize your productivity and help you become the best version of yourself.  Why? "Because Happy Brokers Sell More Real Estate".  I help you become that by teaching you to handle the challenges and opportunities that you face every day. If you can effectively manage those certain situations that arise on a daily basis in your business, you'll be more productive and live a life that is the best version of you. My ask is that you listen as if you are in a one on one coaching session with me in my office or on a phone call.  If you'd like a transcript and full recording of today's MMPT, send me an email at [email protected] and I will add you to my private email list.


In the month of June, the snowbirds that flocked to Florida, Arizona, and the desert of California have started to head back north. Those that have endured January, February, March, April and May in the northern half of the US and Canada wait gleefully for July, August and September that make living in climates like Chicago worth living through the cold temps, snow, sleet and rain. These migration and mindset shifts impact our markets. My job as your leader, coach and mentor is to remind you of this every year. Why? Because I get the same questions and concerns every year at this time. Brokers get into a rhythm and when shifts occur, the fight or flight mechanism within the brain kicks in. I challenge you to embrace the seasonality.


I didn't mention the month of June.  June is a "tweener" month in most markets where the transition I discussed is occurring now. In June, you are closing up transactions, getting those final spring market listings sold and buyers placed and, in some cases, your clients decide to take a pause for the summer. It happens every year. My goal today is to help you chart your June 2024 flight plan. Here is what you need to accomplish in the next 27 days:

  1. Schedule a meeting this month with yourself (and team, if you have one) offsite in a location that inspires you.
  2. Do a full evaluation of your pipeline of listings and buyers. Decide who the real buyers and sellers are that are left and build a plan that will help those sellers get their listings sold and your buyers placed. It's time to have those tough conversations that you might have been avoiding. I call this "inventory management" and you typically focus on it in June and November during those seasonal transition months.
  3. As part of that meeting, review your 2024 Business Planning Tracker that I introduced in late 2023 and throughout 2024. Use this guide to re-evaluate the current ratings within your life and business.
  4. Prune your warm list.
  5. How have your business operations performed for you? What were the wins? What pain points keep popping up?
  6. Take this meeting with yourself (and team) and start to build out your 2024 Q3 plan. I'll talk more about the importance of Q3 on next week's MMPT.
  7. Commit to transitioning into a really productive summer with a huge focus on improving your business operations in Q3 2024.


This will be a summer and fall like none other as we start to see the unprecedented changes in our industry take place. We have to tackle our businesses head on. Building a solid plan in the month of June can set you up for an incredibly productive summer and early fall.