Take Flight – Success Leaves Clues

In this 191st edition of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, we'll continue to focus on Systems, Processes, Habits and Routines, and I'll address the importance of learning from others who have already created what you want to accomplish in your life and business. You are listening today because you want to reach higher levels of success but aren’t sure what to do next. Well, as the wise Jim Rohn said: "Success Leaves Clues.” His outlook was adopted by countless super achievers including Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy. This philosophy encourages you not only to find out what has already been done, but also to take those lessons learned by others and use them to create your own unique path towards achieving greatness. By studying the successful people that have come before us, we can increase our chances at creating a life of abundance.

The concept called “Success Modeling” is a little bit different than the overreaching “Self-Development” term. Success modeling is defined as observing and emulating someone who has already done what it is you want to do. I use it specifically to impact areas of my life or business that I feel need my attention at that time. I’ve used it to improve my productivity, learn how to meditate, improve my diet, design my businesses from top to bottom and develop programs that I’ve taught. I know that if there is something that I want to create, a goal I want to achieve, a place I want to travel, or a dinner I want to cook, someone has already done it and has done it at a really high level. The key to success modeling is not re-inventing the wheel. Once you know what it is that you want to create, the magic comes when you research it, try, fail, and keep at it until you succeed and learn from your experiences. It is at that time that you add it to your “toolbox” of experience.

This happens in every aspect of your life. Your grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers and fathers have been passing down their wisdom to your family for generations. Everyone can benefit from the guidance of mentors, coaches and thought leaders. They come in three different forms:

  1. Those who draw upon theory learned through reading books, listening to podcasts and completely online courses.
  2. Those with experience based on watching super achievers and ELPs execute their lives and businesses.
  3. And finally, those individuals who have personally built successful businesses and lived big lives.

To maximize your potential learning experience, you should seek out someone that has done all three – they offer an incomparable source of knowledge. After finding such a mentor or coach (virtual or in person), it is up to you to execute. Ask yourself this question: Do you want to put forth the effort required for personal growth? Are you committed? You only gain results when you acquire the necessary knowledge and put in the effort - that's the Law of Cause and Effect. If you don't act, your progress will be reversed; not making improvements means you’re actually regressing from what should come with natural development. Put simply: change yourself to see results!

How do you start?

Start by creating a list of the areas that you know need time and effort (the low hanging fruit). You know the areas down deep in your DNA that need to be addressed. Write them all down and rank them the following way:

  • On a scale of 1-10, what type of impact will this idea/concept/process have on my life and business? 10-=high impact, 1 = low impact
  • On a scale of 1-10, how easy is this idea/concept/process to implement? 10 = easy to implement, 1 = hard to implement
  • On a scale of 1-10, how expensive is this idea/concept/process to implement? 10 = no cost, 1 = super expensive

Add up your rankings for each item and then prioritize your list by addressing the highest rated (the 28, 29 and 30s) items first leaving the lower rated items on the list until the highest rated items are complete. In fact, you may never get to the entire list. The goal is to prioritize your time working on high impact, easy to implement, low cost initiatives.

When you have your list, start the process of seeking knowledge. Make Google, YouTube and some of the new AI tools your best friend. Recently, a mother of four built a house from scratch in 9 months following instructions found on YouTube and searching Google. My point is that if someone can build a home using YouTube and Google, you can build a business and improve your life using these same tools given to us. I started my personal growth journey by typing in “SOI real estate” into Google and the rest is history.

Success leaves clues.

If you were to ask a large sample of ELPs and super achievers if they had a mentor or a coach, 97% of them would say "Yes!" You can save years of trial and error by turning to experienced mentors or coaches for guidance and with all the free content out there, you really have no excuse not to take advantage. By the end of Take Flight V4.0 this year, you'll be equipped with everything necessary to start a successful business that will truly take off - I've been teaching this course for over 10 years now and it's proven its worth through positive results time after time again.