Take Flight – Focus on Getting 1% Better Each Day

On today's 190th episode of my Monday Morning Pep Talk, we will dive into the concept of 1%. A concept so simple yet an overwhelming majority of people – 97% of you - find it incredibly hard to do. The process of getting to 30,000 feet does not happen overnight. In fact, in most cases, it takes years of work to create a life and business that is in flow. Today, we'll dive deeper into the power of getting 1% better every single day.

What the majority of super achievers have figured out is that massive action is not what makes them successful.  What makes a super achiever successful is the tiny, daily, weekly habits and routines, executed consistently over a long period of time. As James Clear states in his best-selling book Atomic Habits, "Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement," and he goes on to say that "getting just 1% better every day for a year will result in a 37.78 times improvement.” This is why habits and routines are a "basic" ingredient for success. Mix all of these ingredients together and you've got yourself a masterpiece. Habits and routines have a key role in the recipe of success. They are the flour in cake recipe. If you do not implement productive and consistent habits and routines, you will plateau and over time you'll take a step back.

We’ve also got to discuss the negative effects of apathy. The key is that you don't want to take a 1% step back. If you take 1% step back on a given day, that means that you need to make the 1% up the next day to stay on a consistent growth path. If you have 30 days going 1% backwards, it’s mostly likely that whatever momentum you had before will be lost and never caught up.

So, let's do some quick math. Would your business be more predictable if you:

  • made 3 prospecting attempts each weekday, 45 weeks out of 52? That’s 675 attempts during the year.
  • made 3 reach outs to your past clients, 45 weeks out of 52? That’s 675 reaches during the year.
  • dropped 1 handwritten note in the mail each weekday, 48 out of 52 weeks? That’s 240 handwritten notes in a year.

It's mathematically impossible for you to not help more clients and sell more real estate while building a more predictable and enjoyable business if you complete the above. You just have to do it. It’s an hour a day.

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And download my Daily Time Management Form if you haven’t already. It’s free. It’s easy. And it’s specifically designed so that if you complete it daily, you'll be 1% better each day.

Here’s what Kobe Bryant said on consistency:

"At the end of every day, you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself 'Did I get better today'?"  If the answer is yes, and if you do that for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, how much better are you going to be? Are you getting better every single day, that's the question. It’s about taking small steps. You don't try to get it all done in 1 day, in 1 week, in 1 year. It's the process of getting better every day and doing that for a period of years and that's when you create the masterpiece."

I think you’re starting to see after just two episodes within “The Tail” section of Take Flight that supporting your goals and vision with solid Systems, Processes, Habits and Routines has a significant impact on you getting to 30,000 feet.