Dead Sexy Data

In the modern information age, we've got greater availability and transparency of data than ever before. The question is no longer how to get access to key information, but how to identify the most valuable metrics and present them in a meaningful way. Good data is essential not just for strengthening our own knowledge, but for conveying complex information to our clients.

Lauren Holleran of Gibson Sotheby's International Realty in Cambridge and Boston shares some incredible insights on how to present data and how scatterplots, line graphs, and bar charts can be used to educate and influence your clients. With fifteen years in a fast-paced market saturated with highly analytical academics, she's a leading expert in the persuasive power of using data to clearly illustrate market trends.

Learn from Lauren about the most impactful formats for presenting data and how effective infographics get reconcile your clients' opinions with market realities.